Natalya Kucherenko is an artist whose works are inspired by exquisite beauty of mother nature. Natalya was born in Ukraine and became interested in capturing the beauty of the nature at a very early age. All the childhood she spent outdoors, sketching and photographing trees, flowers, birds, and various elements of wildlife.

Natalya’s art formal training began at School of Classic Arts in the city of Vinnytsya, Ukraine. She later studied computer graphic design, but her passion for watercolours, pastels, and acrylics continued stronger than ever.

Since 2009 Natalya’s home is Vancouver, British Columbia.  Spending a lot of her time in local parks and hiking trails, she finds an inspiration almost everywhere. Natalya paints in her free time and has a strong sense of belonging among BC’s beautiful wild life. She has a particular love for capturing the little details in nature and presenting with acrylic paint upon canvas.

By profession Natalya is a structural engineer, but in her heart she is one of the many artists inspired to paint by glorious sights our planet has to offer.